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About Us

"declare god's glory among the nations!

Hanna Alliance Church...

We are a family oriented church that exists for fellowship, discipleship (bringing people to maturity in Christ Jesus), worship, and outreach (winning the lost to Christ). We seek to be Christ’s servants to the community in whatever way possible.

Cares for one another...

In a society that has become self-centered, God has called us to care deeply for all people, in all cultures, in all ways of life. Our commission is to encourage and nurture all who are in God’s family.

And reaches out . . .

The Bible clearly gives us a mandate to bring those under the sure judgement of God into the freedom found only in Christ. Because of this, we are committed to taking extraordinary measures to influence our world for Christ. We believe that every member is a minister and deserves opportunity in the family of God.

In love.

Although Christ loves us the way we are, He died to provide salvation. It is through this Salvation that Christ reveals to us the changes needed in our lives. These changes make life more enjoyable, not only in this life, but in the one yet to come.

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